Houses in the Frimley Green Gardens Open Day 2000

House, Owner/s, Preview

Bedford Farm Cottage

Glen and Janice Ainsworth

No. 24, Bramblebank

Eric and Christine Pain

No. 22, The Hatches

Graham and Angela Senior (and Rolly)

Cross Farm School, Cross Lane

Head Teacher - Teresa Narracott

Cross Farm, Cross Lane Sir Robert and Lady Gatehouse
No. 18, Cross Lane Jerry Tyrrell  
Whitwells Farm, Kingsmead David and Lynne Harsant
No. 16, Kingsmead Jan Durell
Moor Farm, 20 Henley Drive Chris Pitt  
Elmcroft, 156 Frimley Green Road John and Geraldine Huggon
The Spinney, Frimley Green Road

John and Heather Philips

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