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I started by writing a spec which I would follow. The site would be easy to use, user friendly, fast (does not need a fast modem), havve links to other sites and a page for each house. It would also have two independent ways of locating houses through a map and a table.

I found that the Front Page editor changed the html when it was saved. This made it difficult to understand some problems that we had with links and graphics. Notepad was used to sort it out.

The site took around 20 hours to build and test. I had help from my Dad with the web site design, testing and sorting out html. I hope that you enjoyed this site which was part of my work for the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award.

Copy of email of thanks from Janice Ainsworth.

To: David, INTERNET:Anthony@mispah.demon.co.uk
From: Glen Ainsworth, 101764,1750
Date: 12/06/00, 00:43
Re: Your Web-site

Dear David,

Thought I'd let you know that I head-counted 267 visitors to my garden today. Quite a few of them had visited our web-site (which I know has also been viewed in the States and Australia, if not further afield!) Comments about it said how easy it was to find your way around it, and several people have printed off the pictures.
So congratulations and thanks for your help.


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