Gardens Open for Charity - Sunday 8th June 2008 2pm until 6pm

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Welcome to the nineth Frimley Green Open Gardens Day. This year we have some new gardens, and some changed ones. They are all very different in size and style, so there should be something to interest everyone. The price includes entry to all participating gardens. The gardens may be visited in any order, although the list and map provides a logical route to follow. They are for the most part easily manageable on foot, the furthest being no more than 15 mins walk from the Green. Most gardens have ponds or other water features which may be hazardous, particularly to young children. Parents are therefore requested to be extra-vigilant for their children's safety.

Teas will be provided by the Frimley Green Guides on the Green from 2pm to 6pm and a “watering hole” will be provided by the Carnival Committee at Whitwells by courtesy of Phil and Karen Russell. Drinks of water or squash will be available here at a minimal cost. Other gardens may also be able to offer drinks of water on request. The Old Wheatsheaf public house will also be open during the day for those requiring something stronger, see offer. The Committee hope you enjoy the day, and thank all the owners, helpers, Scouts, Guides and others for giving their time, equipment and their gardens to make this day possible.

The price includes entry to all participating gardens. All proceeds will benefit local charities.

We are particularly keen to hear from anyone who might be willing to open their garden or who could spare an hour or two to help out on the day. If you would like to find out more about the Frimley Green Open Gardens Day, please contact Jan at "janicesainsworth @". Our Open Day is always on the second Sunday in June.

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