Frimley Green Village Open Day 2001


In the Surrey village of Frimley Green there is something special happening on Sunday 10th June. Garden gates will be being thrown open as locals welcome neighbours, and visitors from further afield, into their normally private world of plants, ponds and pergolas. As well as enjoying a pleasant afternoon you can take pleasure in the knowledge that all profits will go directly to local charities thanks to the cooperation of Frimley Green Carnival Committee.

We hope that visitors will gain a greater insight into the history of the village. The gardens may be visited in any order, although the list provides a logical route to follow. They are easily manageable on foot.

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If you would like to find out more about the Frimley Green Open Gardens Day, please speak to Jan Ainsworth on 01252 835272, Geraldine Huggon on 01252 835311 or e-mail

We are particularly keen to hear from anyone who might be willing to open their garden or who could spare an hour or two to help out on the day.

For information about the Frimley Green Carnival, contact Tony Moore on 01252 836915

The carnival now has its own website, please visit to see what the committee does for the village.


The organisers would like to offer a huge vote of thanks to all the people who are making this day possible. In particular -


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